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About us

We, at Mumbai Psychiatry Clinics, believe in the goal of healing minds and thereby optimising the lives of our clients and patients. We are a team of three psychiatrists, working in collaboration with a dedicated team of clinical and counselling psychologists.

Our clinics cater to psychological difficulties at various ages and stages in life.

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Our Team

  • Consulting Psychiatrist Specialist

  • Consulting Psychiatrist Specialist

  • Consulting Psychiatrist Specialist

Concern Areas

Academic Difficulties

Learning disability is recently being termed by many psychologists as learning difficulty; it suggests difficulty in learning in a particular manner rather than an inability to learn at all. A more appropriate term seems to be learning disorder which is an official clinical diagnosis given to an individual by a mental health

Sex Education

Sex is a feared phenomenon and a tabooed concept here in India. However as the days pass by we hear more and more incidences of rape, sexual abuse, molestations, incest, teen pregnancies, MMS scandals, suicides because of issues related to sex; since they are coming out of the dark now.

Phase of Life Problems

Sometimes, cracks appear in the sacred wall of a marriage or a relationship. Ups and downs are common in any relationship, but sometimes, you may find it very difficult to fill in the cracks. You may feel helpless and out of options. Often, our friends and family are the people we first go to for help.


Memory loss in old age is often taken for granted. While Dementia is the most common cause of memory loss as an individual approaches the later years of his or her life, it is not the only cause for memory impairment. Some of these causes that may lead to concerns with memory are mentioned below in brief.



Pharmacotherapy is an integral part of psychiatric treatment. Along with counselling and psychotherapy it completes the treatment in a comprehensive manner. Patients with psychiatric illness have both structural and neurochemical changes in the brain. These scientifically proven chemical changes can be corrected with the help of medicines.



Therapy is the the treatment of mental concerns by psychological methods. People can learn more adaptive ways of perceiving, evaluating and behaving.

Psychotherapist attempts to
Change maladaptive behaviour patterns



The provision of professional assistance and guidance in resolving personal or psychological concerns.

It is the process that involves
when a client and counsellor set aside time in order to explore difficulties which may include.


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