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At Mumbai Psychiatry Clinics, we have set up with a mission to deal with the several problems of mental health with best Psychiatric treatment in Mumbai. Mental disorders can be classified as cognitive, perceptual, behavioural and affective. If remained untreated, these mental disorders can turn complicated and can unfavourably affect societal behaviour and interpersonal relationships in patients. Hence, at Mumbai Psychiatry Clinics we offer Psychiatric treatment in Mumbai that ensures improved mental health.

Further, we also endow with Psychiatric counselling in Mumbai that comprises of counselling and support for concerns like depression, anxiety issues, anger outbreaks, insomnia; marital counselling for couples, de-addiction support for alcohol, nicotine , drugs and technology.We also provide family counselling for parents of children with behavioural conflicts, support and guidance for family with behavioural/emotional issues. Our counsellors will help you to manage your stress, to handle trauma and do necessary lifestyle management. We also provide help in personal development and growth as well as support for any mental health and welfare related subjects. Our psychiatric counselling in Mumbai includes exclusive individual counselling, couple counselling, family counselling and support groups etc by India’s leading psychiatrists , psychologists and counsellors .

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