Academic Difficulties

Learning disorder or learning disability?

Learning disability is recently being termed by many psychologists as learning difficulty; it suggests difficulty in learning in a particular manner rather than an inability to learn at all. A more appropriate term seems to be learning disorder which is an official clinical diagnosis given to an individual by a mental health professional (psychologist) or a medical professional (paediatrician) after a clinical assessment.

What is learning disorder?

An individual diagnosed with learning disorder would have difficulties or inadequate development in the areas specific to academics, language, speech skills, motor development and attention. The degree of difficulties faced can be mild, moderate and severe. Types of learning disorders include: difficulties in reading (dyslexia), difficulties in mathematics (dyscalculia) and difficulties in writing (dysgraphia).

Age of onset

Characteristics of learning disorder

Comorbidity with other disorders

Research provides significant evidence supporting the co-morbidity of the following disorders with learning disabilities:

Some disorders like depression, anxiety, difficulty in social skills, etc. are a consequence of learning disorder or are present with learning disorder right from the beginning is a question still to be answered.

Causes of Learning Disability

Treatment approaches

Classroom strategies

Risk factors to be avoided

Protective factors

Learning disorder can be best coped if parents keep an open eye for early detection followed by early intervention. Once diagnosed and treated at the earliest by professionals, the child can grow to be up well-adjusted in all areas of life. A child with learning disorders would have talents and other strengths that can be worked upon, this can help the child in compensating with the academic difficulties.

Scientists like Albert Einstein, Graham Bell, Henry Ford the inventor of motor car, Leonardo Da Vinci, the world famous director Steven Spielberg, Hollywood actors like Tom Cruise and Orlando Bloom and many others who are successful in their careers had been diagnosed with learning disorder.This suggests that individuals diagnosed with learning disability can be as or even more successful than the others in the society all they require is support and guidance

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