4 Benefits Of Providing Counselling For Your Employees

Workplace counselling is turning more prevalent and gradually seen as a ‘duty of care’ towards your employees. Though it isn’t mandatory to offer mental counselling services, there are a number of benefits to both employers and employees in the long run.

The relationship between an employee’s work and mental health is a complex and intimate one. There could be a number of reasons why an employee could get advantage from mental counselling, whether that’s directly concerning to workplace stress management or through pressures ascending from their personal lives.

When we take into consideration the impact of COVID-19 on businesses and companies, it can be debated that the requisite for comprehensive workplace wellbeing and mental counselling programs has become even more serious. Whether an employee comes across laying-off or divorce, the confidential and professional support provided by mental health counsellor can prove to be helpful.

Let’s check out the top 4 benefits of counselling for employees:

  1. Cutting down absenteeism

A major benefit for employers establishing a workplace counselling service is having lesser absence and sickness rates. Employees who are having tough time in dealing with stress management or are experiencing mental health pressures may take longer sickness leaves or engage in regular absenteeism simply since they are finding it challenging to cope.

A systematic study had shown that psychological counselling reduced absence rates in employees by up to 40%.

  1. Higher staff retention and performance 

It is important to note that by taking on-board an experienced counsellor or a psychologist, companies can also contribute in having better staff retention, lessening costs in employee turnover as well as their training. Some talented employees who might have left their role because of facing challenge in stress management or undergoing mental health concerns can be properly guided through stress treatment or mental counselling and pave a way for a better solution. By learning healthy coping mechanisms and benefiting from the opportunity to have their voice heard, employees can revamp their lives with fresh enthusiasm.

Counsellors can also work as an important channel to minimize the tensions and grievances that rise at times between employer and employee, and diminish conflict within an organisation that could elsewise lead to people putting down their papers. While counsellors at workplaces are not hired to give advice in company matters, their role can be priceless in offering an empathetic sounding board and lessening emotional distress.

These same factors also congregate to create a healthier, more fruitful and happier workplace. A recent study found that employees who utilized counselling services saw their well-being rise by above 10 points on an index used by mental health doctors in Mumbai, leading researchers to conclude that even a comparatively short burst of counselling can make a great difference to the lives and efficiency of staff.

  1. Offering counselling during redundancy 

One of the reasons why mental counselling services can be beneficial to employers is that it’s considered as a best practice to help employees through the procedure of redundancy, given a situation if you ever have to make the tough decision to let staff go. This type of counselling can include helping employees plan their future steps and deal with the certain stresses and worries that losing job can bring.

  1. Recruitment and employer brand

Attracting better quality employees is often met with hard-hitting competition from rival companies, and building an appealing work environment that retains the best talent is a significant consideration for employers. A business organization’s “employer brand” is a key aspect of this, since it determines what it’s like to work for a company, how well they take care of their employees and the fine support that they provide.

While some employees are motivated by money, rest others are motivated by the work culture & environment, team dynamics as well as the support they receive at every step. An employer brand isn’t just something which is “defined” and then promoted, but a active representation of what it’s like to work for a company – and offering mental counselling services can play a prime role in helping to completely shape this brand.

When these benefits are all together taken into account, it is clear that counselling for employees is likely to prove a profitable and beneficial addition to your business.