4 Easy Ways To Manage Anxiety During Covid-19 Quarantine

As per the global health experts, taking social distancing safety measures can help restrict the spread of the corona virus via human-to-human contact. Therefore, cities worldwide have put a strict travel and leisure activities, requesting the public to momentarily halt involvement in non-essential services (particularly group gatherings and community activities).

While people in India are following government protocols and staying home for the next few weeks (except for essentials), anxiety is certainly higher around the world. People who experience anxiety on an ordinary day might feel the pressure of unexpected world events and find their anxiety starting to explode.

With the latest news revolving around global Covid-19 pandemic, lock-down and life under quarantine, anxiety sufferers around the world are pondering how to stay calm. Here are the 4 easy tips you must follow to manage anxiety:
Tip #1. Limit Your News Exposure
It’s vital to stay updated with the news about the virus to make the good health choices for you and your family, but this never means you ought to stay tuned into the news each second of the day. Rather, it’s perfectly fine to check verified news sources occasionally for substantial updates from local and regional news channels and public health decision-makers.
When probable, share the tasks of receiving news updates with family member or friend, so it does not fall completely on you to be up-to-date. Constantly tuning in and consuming world news is not the finest way to manage your mental health.

Tip #2. Get Your Blood Flowing With Rapid Gusts Of Exercise.
It may seem odd to exercise at a time like this, but keeping your blood flowing is one of the healthiest ways to release stuck energy. Your mind and body will express gratitude for doing a few asanas of yoga, deep breathing exercises, dancing to your favorite music and cardio.
Even running around the home for some minutes can help discharge tension and stress in your body and your mind. When there’s partial blood circulation, tension can accumulate in the body. Get moving on every occasion you can to decrease this tension and keep anxiety from becoming uncontrollable.

Tip # 3. Schedule And Finish Overdue Projects, Study work Or Any Pending Task
Remember all of those assignments you’ve been putting off because you didn’t get time to complete them? For instance, now is a proper time to finish overdue projects around the house/office that have been demanding attention. In case you’re not a DIY expert, do not be afraid to use online resources for easy ways to complete your projects.
You’ll feel an additional sense of relief when you look at all you’ve tasks accomplished. The anxiety that had been connected to these incomplete tasks can fade, and you’ll feel better understanding you’re still doing stable progress in the direction of your goals.

Tip #4. Talk To A Online Mental Health Counselor.
If your anxiety seems to be going out of control, reach out to a mental health doctor in India for online counselling. By getting guidance and support, your online counselling will help you ease out your anxiety symptoms. A licensed online psychologist or psychiatrist in Mumbai can provide distance-therapy and instantaneous options for coping with the anxiety encircling the events of COVID-19.

For people who are not able to visit mental therapists or doctor’s offices owing to lockdown and local shelter-in-place restrictions, there are several options for getting online counselling support. Mental Therapists and counselors at Mumbai Psychiatry Clinics are available online 24 hours a day to help you manage symptoms of anxiety and stress easily.