5 Amazing Marriage Counseling Exercises

Marriage counseling is an analysis that assists couples to know the issues in their relationship after marriage, resolve their problems, and improve their connection. It is also called as couples’ therapy. By choosing marriage or family counseling, you can make a proper and thoughtful choice about patching-up or parting your ways. The couple can also think about going to a marriage counsellor to strengthen their relationship, in general.
Mostly, marriage counseling is a short term analysis relating to both the partners. At times, only one partner works with the therapist to improve the bond.

Marriage counseling can assist cuples at different stages of their relationship, like premarital, post-marriage, family planning, and when kids are growing up. Premarital counseling can help the couple get a deeper understanding of one another and try to remove the differences if any.
Marriage counseling is a good idea for the couples who have been going through hard times being with each other as compared to those couples who are having a good time. You must look into your own lives and try to know if you need some help of a professional or not.

Well, here are some amazing exercises in marriage counselling that help the couple to build their relation on a stronger base.
1. Attentive listening and communication exercise:
Many of the problems among couples happen due to lack of communication. Each and every day for a minimum of 30 minutes, the couple must sit together and listen properly to what the other is speaking. Then, ask the partner to do the same. Try to evade the chances of misunderstanding. Moreover, communicate with each other with respect. Take care if miscommunication takes place. Lastly, repeat each other’s statement and explain your point of view.

2. Appreciation exercise:
Appreciating the partner’s qualities is difficult many times, but it also needs to be done to improve the relationship. The couple must sit face to face and appreciate the good qualities each one has. Both of them should alternatively praise each other by keeping a timer of ten minutes to do this exercise.

3. Convey the needs exercise:
At the time of this exercise, the couple must share their desires and expectations with their spouses and vice versa. The couple should take a paper and fold it in four parts, then unfold the paper and in each square write the categories like emotional, social, physical or material. Now note down the desire under each category and exchange the chits. Exchanging the chits will make each other know the desires of the opposite person.

4. Attack the behavior exercise:
Every couple wants to remark or advice something related to their spouse’s behavior. But, rather than talking about their behavior, couple attack on each other. In this particular exercise, the couple has to make sure that they don’t use the word ‘you’ for any statement and focus on attacking their partner’s behavior. You must clearly mention the behavior that bothers them.

5. Go on a trip together exercise:
Go on a trip together and spend some time in a new place with a calm environment and hassle-free life. Such trips help to remove the stress from the relationship and give memorable memories and also improve the relation with each other.

These exercises of marriage counseling, if practiced properly can surely turn the relationship into a better one. It can also help the couple lead a happy life together not only in present but also in the future.