5 Important Things Elderly People Worry About

Presently, life is full of tensions and concerns especially those of the elderly. They don’t just vanish away as we become older. We might sometimes think, “Those will be the carefree times … the time when I’m older as well as retired,” but the fact is: today’s bin of tensions just become different worries tomorrow.

Being the caregivers for the elderly, it’s necessary to understand which anxieties might be stressing the thoughts and concerns of the elders. This is essential so that we can make an attempt to ease the worries and concerns of the elderly in the best possible way. As seniors, people have to recognize their anxieties so that one can try to counter them with positive thoughts and actions.

Five of the major common concerns of the elderly are:

1. Financial issues

No one wants to outlive their savings, but still with present unique set of circumstances, the fear is acceptable. People live more today as compared to ever before. Healthcare expenses are increasing with each day. Retirement savings have lessened because of poor economy. Running out of money is a major severe concern; one that can be sorted only by careful financial planning.

2. Feeling lonely

As people grow older social circles get smaller as well as their ability to hang out around becomes increasingly harder, thus this results to loneliness. This is particularly a big hard truth for those seniors who were social butterflies during their young age. So one must call or visit their elderly loved ones regularly. Assist them in attending social functions. This will help elder people be socially engaged and reduce one of the major concerns of the elderly.

3. Being a burden for caregiver

There are certain people that are comfortable by becoming a burden on some other person. Sadly, as people grow old, they many a times become feeble or ill. Most of the seniors can no longer do as many things for themselves. At that time help becomes a necessity. The burden many a times falls upon a family member (as “that’s what families do for each other”), a friend or some other caregiver. As being the one assisting a senior, make sure that you make them understand that they aren’t a burden for anyone. One other way to reduce the concerns of the elderly is to let them know that today or tomorrow, they too can need their help.

4. To feel useless

Most of the seniors, especially those who have led very active lives in the past, many a times feel they hardly have a purpose after they’ve retired from their job or their children have grown. Family members can assist to remove such kind of a concern by being in touch with senior loved ones. Make them feel they’re still wanted and are an important part of your life. The other way is by offering seniors useful projects to take care of such as organizing family photos, etc.

5. Elder Abuse and Neglect

Unfortunately, the seniors are mostly the target of neglect, abuse, and fraudulent scams. Nevertheless, such unlucky occurrences actually happen to a senior or they hear about it on TV or via friends, tension can come up. Family members and caregivers can sort this worry by making the seniors know that they are loved, cared as well as protected.