5 Reasons Why Online Counselling For Depression Is Best

According to WHO report, over 7.5 % population suffers from mental disorders and over 1 in 20 people are reported a devastating condition in the form of depression that interfered with their happiness, career and main life activities. Non- Depression Treatment is the prime cause of over 788,000 suicides that happen worldwide each year, approximately equivalent to 1 death in every 45 seconds. As per Global Burden of Disease Study (GBDS), Depression turned into India’s tenth major reason of early death in 2016 – rising two points from 12th in 2005. Majority of the cases took source in undiagnosed and untreated depression.

What’s even more concerning is that less than 4 out of 5 people will search for online depression counselling, though as many as 25% will try to handle with alcohol or drug abuse, and nearly 5 % will really attempt suicide. These are shocking statistics for a severe condition that can be otherwise treated through traditional face-to-face depression therapy or online depression counselling.

Online Depression Counselling is particularly effective for current web savvy users for a number of reasons:
1. Online Depression Counselling is realistic solution to a largely rural population.
We regularly take for granted how simple it is to travel from our homes to office in the city. Though, there are many individuals in small towns and rural areas that may be distant from a city clinic. In such cases, online depression therapy may be not only the easiest alternative but also the most convincing.

2. Online Psychological Counselling is a perfect option for the physically disabled.
It’s no coincidence that many individuals who undergo depression also have physical limits, concerning to mobility, the chance to drive, or other explanations that confine them to home. Online Psychological Counselling is an alternative that goes beyond physical restrictions.

3. It’s an easy preference that favors shy, awkward or depressed people who don’t feel comfortable taking direct depression treatment.
Many individuals who undergo depression also have concerns with anxiety. Sometimes these bad feelings are made worse by the compulsion to face a stranger and admit their weaknesses, negative thoughts and emotional state of despair is formed. Anonymous online psychologist India provides some space, some feeling of control for the individual that he/she may not attain in person with the concerned therapist. Since majority of the young people grew up texting and chatting online, they would be more comfortable using technology to speak to their online psychologist India rather than speaking about sensitive matters face-to-face.

4. It gives better control over scheduling, or even at odd hours of the day/night.
Online psychiatrist consultation might permit you to select your own meeting times, or in certain cases, to log in at whatever time you feel anxious or have depressing or suicidal feelings. The flexible schedule that can match your lifestyle might feel like a lifeguard at times.

5. There’s an absence of social stigma attached to a regular Online Psychiatrist Consultation.
It can be a totally anonymous service, with confidential billing and affordable services. Majority who are depressed will not seek to risk their reputation by openly being seen talking to a mental health doctor. With online depression counselling, only you and the counsellor have to know about these personal matters.