5 Reasons Why Online Counselling For Depression Works

Online counselling has proven to be an effective way of providing assistance to people fighting depression and help them manage their symptoms and run over undesirable thoughts. A new study, emphasized on the merge of technology and mental therapy while coping up with major depression, found that those who received online counselling presented substantial improvements in their symptoms.

Here are top 5 benefits of online counselling for depression:

  1. It’s a realistic alternative for mainly rural populations.

You may all often take for granted how convenient it is to travel from home to workplace in the city like Mumbai. Though, many people in small towns and rural areas might live an hour or two away from a counsellor’s clinic. This makes it very challenging to avail help. Even if they to have a mini-local facility, their alternatives would be limited, unreasonable, or have a long waiting list queue. That’s when online counselling comes in picture.

  1. It’s a perfect option for physically disabled individuals.

It’s no coincidence that many individuals who battle with depression may also have physical restrictions concerning to mobility. If they are unable to drive or have a more challenging time doing so, then extracting out the time to get an appointment booked and visiting the counsellor could be complex or even nerve-racking.

Even though a person is not physically disabled, they may suffer from enduring pain or simply not feel well. This situation could make it difficult to personally meet mental health counsellor. Online therapy can be steered from the comfort of their own home where they can be in their most relaxing positions. Online therapy is thus an alternative that goes beyond physical limitations.

  1. It’s a suitable option that is best for shy, awkward, or depressed people who find it difficult to openly talk to a therapist in person.

Many individuals who are fighting depression also have concerns with anxiety. At times, these negative feelings are made worse by the obligation to face a stranger and admit their weaknesses, negative thoughts, and emotional state of hopelessness. Online depression counselling provides some distance, some power of control for the person, which he/she may not get personally with an authority figure.

Moreover, majority of young people today have grown up texting and chatting online and may find it more convenient to use technology rather than speaking out these sensitive matters in person.

  1. It offers superior control over scheduling, or even at odd hours of the day/night.

Online depression counselling may also allow you to choose your own session timings as per your convenience or in some cases, to log in whenever you feel low. A flexible schedule that can match your lifestyle might actually feel like a lifeguard at times.

If you have a hectic schedule, your only chance to go for online depression counselling might be either in the early morning prior to work, during your meal break, or after the kids are sleeping at night. Though, early hours and late hours for depression counselling are most probably not available in person. And, if your work location isn’t right near your mental therapist‘s clinic, it might be impossible to get in an appointment over your meal break. With online depression counselling, there is more flexibility and convenience when it comes to talking with a mental therapist.

  1. There’s high confidentiality level associated with an anonymous online service.

Through online depression counselling, it can be extremely helpful to speak out to someone that you don’t know in-person. Online counselling can be a completely anonymous service, keeping the confidentiality and privacy in mind. Many who are going through depression would not want the world to know for what exact reason are they are seeking help from a counsellor.

Still, worrying about the confidentiality linked with your mental health? Don’t let it stop you from reaching out for the help that you need. With online counselling, only you and the counsellor will be knowing about your private matters.