7 Questions to Ask In Your Initial Online Counselling

Your first conversation with a new online counsellor will always be exciting. You are taking noteworthy steps to deal with your mental health and overcome your goals. An online psychological counselling is an ideal time to evaluate whether or not someone is a right-fit psychologist for you. Consider this initial online counselling in India as a prospect to “try them out” – see if you “connect” with them, speak about your goals, and pay heed to how they speak about what you share.

Initial mental counselling often take place over the call or virtual chat and generally run anywhere from 10-30 minutes, based on the counsellor. During this time, you’ll get to learn the online counsellor and their practice. They’ll almost certainly have some questions for you regarding what you’re in pursuit of, what your worries are, and what your schedule seems like. The counsellor will try to measure whether or not they are compatible to assisting you with your concerns. But this is also an occasion for you to find out what you wish to know.

Is this someone you seek as a friend on your personal journey? Does the mental therapist share insights that reverberate with your values? Is his/her approach to therapy parallel to what you seek to get out of the experience? The initial online counselling will aid you to think through these questions.

Selecting the right mental health counsellor is an important aspect of getting what you require, and it’s worth the effort to prepare a bit prior to your initial online counselling.

  1. What is your forte?

Most mental therapists have numerous specialties (or kinds of therapy and client concerns in which they focus in). This does not essentially mean their fortes cover your precise needs. For instance, if anyone who is battling addiction seeks the help of a mental health counsellor, the provider ought to have strong practice in this forte so as to be successful

  1. For how long have you been practicing? Kindly do speak about your experience. 

Listening to online counsellor talking about their experience will let you understand what they’ve witnessed and what they can support you with. It’s vital to note that many online counsellors in India have an assortment of experiences which are relevant to their practice, both workwise and personally. 

  1. How much should I pay? 

Make sure to question your mental therapist about their fees, sliding-scale opportunities, as well as any pre-paid, well-discounted, multi-session packages which may offer so you can make the provisions you require to cover the cost of behavioral therapy

  1. How often will we meet?

The online therapist may have an idea in mind for the frequency of your behavioral therapy sessions. This might differ based on your needs, and will possibly be subject to change depending on your progress. 

  1. What would my treatment plan look like?

Is there a strong treatment plan which the online therapist would like you to follow? This is significant for helping you stay engaged and placing expectations for your work together. If you’re keen in a precise kind of therapy that the mental health doctor offers, then now is the best time to bring it up. 

  1. Do you assign homework? 

Many counsellors will endow their clients “homework,” or things to exercise on in-between their next online counselling session. The mental health homework might comprise of techniques to attempt, exercises to practice, and coping strategies to utilize.

  1. I want to continue with you. What happens next? 

If you’ve fixed up your mind and planned to go with the counsellor or mental therapist after your initial mental health consultation, you ought to ask what the subsequent steps are going to consist of. These next steps would include “homework,” scheduling your first detailed therapy session, and much more.