7 Ways To Help A Friend With Anxiety

It’s really not easy to see a friend or loved one undergo panic attacks and experience anxiety every single day. However, there are techniques through which you can help them in their struggle. It initiates with learning the signs of unnecessary worry and knowing the top ways to assist your friend. If you have a partner, close friend or loved one fighting against anxiety issues, it can be problematic to know what to speak and how to show up your empathy towards them. You can always give them mental support through mental counselling by any of the best mental health doctors in Mumbai.

Here are a best 7 ways to help a friend who is fighting against anxiety:

  1. Listen profoundly and sympathetically.

Simply ask your friend how are they doing and listen with complete tolerance so that they can respond without the fear of how you might respond. Practice being completely attentive towards their emotional needs. Let them know that you acknowledge their feelings. Never use pat phrases such as “you’ll come out of this easily” or “you’re fine.” Instead thank them for sharing with you and trusting you with their emotional weakness.

  1. Don’t attempt to fix them alone.

It’s obvious that your friend has most probably made a lot of research and carrying out experiments to fight off their anxiety. So, your extra suggestions may feel like a burden to their already challenging efforts which they are making and perhaps make them believe like they’re definitely seen as a problem. 

Your friend has been fighting off the incapacitating effects of anxiety; they are strong and gutsy for facing as much as they do. All your friend need is a good mental health counsellor or psychiatrist to bring about positive transformation through less stressful techniques.

  1. Let the anxiety be. 

It might seem counter-intuitive, but let your friend believe they can be comfortably anxious with you, that you know anxiety isn’t something they are selecting, and that you won’t attempt to stop them in sharing their feelings.

  1. Ask your friend what they want.

Several people with anxiety have different ways of coping up. Meditation and breathing drills, for example, are supportive for a majority of people — and may be accommodating for you — but they might not be of much help to your friend. Some folks with anxiety need to do somewhat active exercises, like running or aerobics. Discuss with your friend what works best for them and how you can assist.

  1. Offer them your company.

Along with the overpowering effect of anxiety comes the tension of trying to get the ideal support. Your friend could be trying various movement classes, mental health therapies, counsellor, or meditation practices. Offer to do something with them! It’s not as much of daunting experience when they have your company.

  1. Know that anxiety seems different on everyone.

Anxiety can manifest as a profound tiredness and can also cause insomnia. It can come up as restlessness, nervousness, and a failure to concentrate. It further leads to irritability for some, and illogical fears for others. Anxiety could also be experienced as terrifying chest pains and uncomfortable muscle tension. The varied and now and then misunderstood symptoms of anxiety are pretty much real. Give your friend a professional help of a psychiatrist. Let your friend know you deeply care about him/her and seek to know about their experience.

  1. Check upon them regularly.

If your friend is looking anxious when you’re together, check upon them, “Hey, are you feeling anxious at this very moment?” By inquiring, you let them believe that with your presence there’s always space for their apprehension, it doesn’t ought to be avoided, and they’re definitely not a burden.