8 Mental Health Tips For Pregnant Women During COVID-19 Pandemic

Motherhood is a life-altering event with its own challenges, packs of emotions, and lot of preparations. Likewise, the Covid-19 pandemic is also an equivalent life-changing tectonic occurrence across the globe, affecting every human life and their mode of functioning. Hence, the COVID-19 pandemic has turned into a global health crisis, and has a disturbing effect on everyone’s mental health, particularly on pregnant women.

Here are the top 8 measures that the would-be mothers need to follow for good mental health during the Covid-19 pandemic:

  1. Be Realistic

With increasing digital connectivity, the views, choices, and expectations are moulded constantly by the social media platforms, in addition to our family and friends. It is significant to embrace the simple truth that pregnancy could be challenging, and taking care of the baby can be difficult during such a crisis. It is vital to be ready to bear in mind the requirements of the mother and baby, and the prevailing resources rather than a pre-existing plan.

  1. Acknowledge Distress

It is vital for pregnant women to get ready for parenthood by reading about the requisite for maintaining mental health during the lockdown phase, the risk factors linked with it, the ways of recognizing the distress, and getting right help. There are many online platforms, blogs and online counsellors which provide reliable information about mental health during pregnancy.

  1. Restrict The Exposure To COVID-19 Associated News

It is obvious to continuously seek more and more information during the pandemic crisis, but this will just further add to your hidden anxiety and fear of catching infection. Further, a lot of fake news keeps circulating, leading to the spreading of false information. Try to check for COVID-19 updates occasionally from valid websites, news portals, and government announcements, and restrict any discussions related to it with your peers and family.

  1. Keep Physical & Psychological Hygiene

Personal hygiene by regular handwashing through soap and water, respirational hygiene by coughing into your elbow or into a tissue and throwing it away properly, cleanliness in environ and home, ensuring regular sleep routine and consuming healthy and nutritious food is advisable.

  1. Practice Mindfulness

It is normal for the couple to be worried about bringing a baby into a world that is battling with pandemic, thus growing stress and uncertainty. Try to emphasize on the present moment more than yesterday or tomorrow. Frame your problem-solving tactics on variables which you can handle at the current moment than others.

  1. Practice Social Distancing, Not Emotional Distancing

Be it during the lockdown or the phase succeeding it, pregnant women may need to keep the social distance and restrict the social exposure owing to the nature of the infection, that is widespread and there is absence of ultimate treatment. Try to exercise social distancing, but build a dynamic support system being indoors by staying connected with your family and friends through online platforms and gratifying your emotional needs.

  1. Me-time Activities

It is very essential to have personal space dedicated for relaxing oneself by heartening activities such as music, reading, or anything of choice.

  1. Talk To Someone

If you are having any troubling thoughts, worry, or concern, attempt to communicate with your spouse, family member, or a friend. If you are finding any challenge, try to convey your thoughts, and be honest with them. If there are any hesitations to discuss, you might request them to assist you find any helpline or professional online counselling.