All You Need To Know About Child Psychology & Mental Health

Understanding your child is one of the most essential things that you should learn as a parent. It is very useful in becoming effective in guiding and nurturing your child as they grow and get mature. You need to bear in mind that your child has a different personality trait that remains constant throughout life.

The best way in which you can understand your child is by observing them as they sleep, eat, or play. Watch the consistent traits. Which activities are they fond of? Is adjusting to changes easy for them or do they take time to become familiar with these things? Such things are the normal characteristics of a child and your child may not be an exception.

As much as possible, make time to talk to your children as this is important to gain information and understand. In the case of young children, they require hardly any verbal language and more facial expression and body language in order to understand their thoughts and feelings. Asking them questions will let them to share their feelings with you.

Self-esteem is a vital key to success in life. The development of a positive self-concept and healthy self-esteem is very important to the happiness as well as success of children and teenagers. A positive parent-child relationship enhances the framework and support for a child to develop a healthy respect and regard for self and for others. Children crave for time with parents. It makes them feel good. Parents are advised to spend time playing with their kids on a regular basis. This must include one to one with each child and group time with all of the adults and kids in the house. If you are a single parent or have one kid, try to occasionally invite family or friends over to play.

For one reason or another, few children hardly develop social skills as easily as others. They may seriously seek for peer relationships and then, having endured rebuffs, if not downright cruelty, retreat to the safety of home, family, and their own company. There is probably nothing as painful for a parent as the rejection of his own child. Parents need to consider the long view of social problems and to map out a plan to solve them quite as carefully and thoughtfully as they might have academic or health problems. There are certain guidelines which, if followed, will help such children if the parent is ready to take time and initiative.

Many of the parents will encounter a few bumps in the road as their child moves from baby to teen to adult. Our Child Psychologists provides counselling and treatments for issues such as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Anxiety, Depression, Shyness, Oppositional Defiant Disorder – ODD, and more.