Does It Matter If You Are Feeling Unappreciated?

You need to pay attention to your feelings as well as thoughts and behavior to live a happy life. There is a certain kind of link like thoughts influence feelings, further, those feelings influence the individual’s behavior and in the end, this behavior influences both thoughts and feelings. Your feelings are surely important as it gives you an idea about what matters the most in your life. They are a vital part of the human experience. Feelings alone don’t have the power to hurt you psychologically, it depends on how you deal with the feeling of being lonely that actually matters.

Feelings can have a deep effect on the choices you make as well as the manner in which you behave. However, no feeling involuntarily results in any particular behavior. Understanding that you own your own being and that you can choose to stay in the situation or move on is the best way to avoid psychological harm from ungrateful people. There are many psychologists in Mumbai who give the best guidance related to feelings and thoughts.

Here are some things as suggested by top psychologists that you can do if you want to continue moving forward in the relationship.

Communication Can Perk up the Relationship

The moment you feel like no one cares about you or whatever you have done for their benefit, you can find a solution to your issue only if you communicate your feelings to them. Try not to accuse them for anything and better express your emotions precisely. Communicate when you feel that way. Because many times the opposite person doesn’t know that your emotions have been affected by their actions. When the other person doesn’t appreciate you, you know clearly where you stand in their life and opt for something which you actually deserve.

Model Appreciation

It’s quite interesting when individuals are offended when they don’t receive any appreciation, whereas at the same time they don’t give any appreciation to others in their life. If you would like to be appreciated, ensure first you’re inserting your own appreciation into the relationship. No matter if you have to search thoroughly for something to appreciate the individual, your gesture of gratitude as well as respect can have a high impact. But, make sure you not doing it with the motto of getting an appreciation, but always joyfully receive it, if it comes.  To be an amazing role model doesn’t always work out, but the time it does, the results can be outstanding.

Find Appreciation in Actions & Words

Many times, you feel unacknowledged as someone doesn’t appreciate you with words. The person for whom you’ve done certain things might not be as vocal as you are. They might portray their appreciation in different ways- perhaps with an affectionate touch on the shoulder or by giving you a small present. You might still need to hear those words occasionally, though. If so, return to basic communication, informing them what you need and how they can give it to you- if they want to.

Being in a state of constant resentment is absolutely unhealthy. To improve your life, you have to alter your thoughts and behaviors. Prior to doing something for other people, see if you get a negative reply or no response at all and think whether you’ll be offended by it. In that case, if you’re going to get upset about it, better don’t do it. Otherwise, if you choose to do it for some other reason, aim at that rather than receiving gratitude from the other person.