How Can Couples Counselling Benefit A Relationship?

Couples Counselling or better known as relationship/marriage counselling can be of great advantage to any relationship, irrespective of the nature or intensity of your issues. Some of the main ways in which relationship/marriage counselling can benefit your relationship is in the areas of:-
– Enhanced communication,
– Energizing your emotional link and
– Re-assigning your commitments.

Couples generally come to such kind of family counselling when they understand that their relationship is undergoing some sort of trouble. At times, the problem is so major, or has remained unattended for such long duration, that the relationship has landed in severe crisis. At other times, the couple becomes mindful at an initial stage that they are unable to resolve their growing tensions on their own, and that they require the support of a counsellor before their relationship hits disaster and chooses termination.
No relationship ever totally sails in smooth waters. Sometimes the difficulties are openly present form the start of the relationship, sometimes they become apparent after a long duration of staying together, or as a result of unforeseen pressures. Whatever distress your relationship is in, and no matter how ruthlessly your relationship has been affected, majority couples can benefit from relationship and family counselling at some time in their lives

Why go for couples counselling?

The primary benefits of couples counselling comprise of:-
1. Refining the manner in which you communicate with one another, decreasing the number and seriousness of your arguments, improving your understanding of each other’s requirements and responses.
2. Stimulating lost intimacy and reinstating a sense of warm connection in your union.
3. Supporting a couple to negotiate or re-negotiate their commitments for each other.

Improved communication & understanding between the couple

A relationship is shaped by two individuals, and as individuals, we carry with us our specific personal history, behavior, personality traits, requirements, hopes and desires to our relations. Thus, even the most brilliant couple will never agree on every issue. In order to come together and share our lives (or a piece of our lives) with a different human being, there will constantly be the need for discussion, negotiation and compromise.

Our ability to connect with our partner – to share and listen carefully to our own needs and fears is therefore an important tool for any healthy relationship. A qualified couples counsellor is accomplished to identify and challenge your existing communication ways, and to explain us how to communicate more successfully with one another. Often, just being invigorated to talk openly and frankly during your couples mental counselling session can actually set you on the route to more open and calmer communication.
By developing strong communication skills (talking and listening) with the help of psychologist, you will be allowed to resolve problems however big and small it is, and will facilitate in keeping your relationship surviving even during times of extreme stress.
Further, you can also take up sex counselling, depression therapy, stress treatment, anger management, behavioral therapy or any kind of psychological counselling to resolve the matter from its roots.

Couples counselling help us negotiate commitments

One of the most difficult areas for couples can be fixated on commitment. Commitments can take multiple forms, comprising a commitment to the relationship itself, a commitment to having kids or a commitment to supporting a specific career selection or life track. We all have fears and worries about making commitments at same stage. Working with a counsellor can support the couple in expressing their concerns and doubts about what the commitment will denote to them and how it may alter their relationship.
One of the best ways in which a psychologist or a counsellor can be of help is to not only provide assistance with prevailing tensions and fears, but also in assigning responsibilities that might rise as a result of taking a new commitment within the relationship. For instance, if a couple agrees together that one of them will start new studies so as to pursue a fresh career path, which may alter family and home maintenance accountabilities for both of them. By working with a professional relationship or marriage counsellor, it will help the couple to reach clear and feasible agreements.