How Do You Know If You Need Online Counselling?

Many a times, we do go through feelings that tend to ask ourselves, “What is happening to me?”. Few of us also realize that we require assistance but don’t think of seeking professional help or online counselling since we feel that mental health counselling is only for “extreme” situations. What we don’t know is that the effect of circumstances and feelings can’t be equated as what affected me severely, wouldn’t essentially disturb you that way.

Online counselling can help people in India to deal with mental health problems, challenges, and emotional hitches. As we grow in life, we come across various trials that might affect our well-being. We can’t expect ourselves to identify everything and we ought to accept that we can reach out for help through online psychological counselling.

Should I Go For Online Counselling?

Majority of us experience some common symptoms which indicate that something is disturbing us on an extreme level and needs attention from online counsellor. Friends and family can just lend their support, but reaching out for professional help is what we require to do by ourselves. Research shows that individuals who voluntarily go for mental counselling, experience better effects in comparison to individuals who are forced into mental counselling. You require to take a step for yourself and consider online psychological counselling to reap its maximum benefits.

Here are some common symptoms that can help you understand whether you need online counselling or further psychological treatment:

Disturbed Sleeping Patterns: If you are suffering from distressed sleeping patterns such as oversleeping and insomnia for quite some time now, there can be underlying causes for them that require to be urgently looked at by a mental therapist. Experiencing delicate sleep or frightening dreams that bother you could be an indication that you require online therapy.

Impact On Appetite: If you are observing that you are overindulging or undereating for a while now, or are getting addicted to rather something, for instance, coffee or rather something which you think is healthy, it’s time to seek help from mental health counsellor. Anything if not indulged in balance, that includes healthy food could be damaging to your mental and physical well-being.

You Feel Overwhelmed & Fatigued: We all feel overwhelmed and fatigued at times. However, seeing yourself in this way majority of the time can have an effect on your everyday life. You might feel that there is so much on your plate which you are not able to handle. You might not be able to mentally rest or perhaps even breathe properly at times owing to stress and in times like these, you need to seek online counselling.

Inconsistent Expression Of Feelings: You may be experiencing inconsistent spasms of anger, breakdown, or feelings of bitterness in circumstances. Everyone feels angry or sad at times. However, if you feel that such feelings are not going away, you are getting deep mood swings habitually, your feelings are getting piled up and are intense in comparison to the situation, seeking online counselling could be a very supportive idea!

Anxious Thoughts: Facing anxious thoughts all the time is not healthy for you and may be a sign of something which is troubling you extremely.

Social Withdrawal: Withdrawing yourself from social situations owing to numerous reasons such as, the distress of being judged, getting a panic attack, or feeling “trapped” and getting a feeling of being lonely owing to these reasons, is an indication to reach out for online therapy.

Losing Interest: Losing interest and enthusiasm to perform activities which you regularly enjoyed doing, feeling hopeless regarding the future to the extent where you even stop trying might be a sign of a mental health alarm.

Even if you aren’t experiencing these signs/symptoms and just wish to nurture as an individual, attain an insight within yourself, and want to talk about your issues, online counselling is a great option.