How To Fix Your Toxic Behaviour In A Relationship?

Relationship can either cause adrenaline rush or is the key reason behind severe tensions in the body that gets exhibited in the form of uncertainties, stress, sleep disorders and mood-related concerns.

A romantic relationship or marriage serves as the mirror to your souls, your unconscious needs, your desires and also help you to dig into your beauty and insecurities. From the moment you take birth, you channelize your identity in the form of how you are treated, respected or behaved with, by people around you. You tend to believe that you are what you accept and attain. And from there starts the adversity with your “self”. Your self-concept is swaggering enough to decline and bend, until there comes a moment when you take the call of your emotive intelligence, which reveals the severest truth of your inner conflicts and lets you know that you can be strong enough to put a fullstop and ‘Move On To Our Happiness!’

Here are a few common maladaptive behaviours which you may unknowingly develop within yourself:

  1. Aggression:

Both active and passive aggression hampers your individual growth, disturbs your relationship and blows out your mental health.

Active aggression comprises of:

  • Shouting in public places
  • Verbal abuse
  • Physical abuse
  • Ruin of objects
  • Raising hands

Passive aggression comprises of:

  • Blocking
  • Stone-walling
  • Rejecting to fulfil responsibilities
  • Cold expressions and physical treatment
  • Carelessness
  • Denial to take calls or reply to messages or refusal to meet.
  • Making someone feel less important, continuously.


  1. Blame Game:

You often blame your partner for situations you thrive in, be it educationally, financially or family wise. Your narcissistic behaviours induce you to believe that you are constantly the good one in the relationship or marriage, and the other person is the cause behind your failures.


  1. Demeaning Accomplishments:

You have struggles to acclimatize to the fact that your partner/spouse is better off than you. This happens particularly among couples of the equivalent age group. You fail to comprehend that being of the same age or same profession can on no occasion mean that you are on the same page too. Your lack of confidence and personal glitches always make a harsh point to emphasize on the individual gains and losses, limit you from discovering yourself and attempting to reach the peak of satisfaction.


  1. Letting The Past To Hunt You Down & Ruin Your Present:

Disremembering that if you stick to the first few chapters, all your life, you can never feel the core of the whole book called ‘Life’. It is completely true that there are some chapters that you never desired to flip over, but were too tough to complete. There were some chapters that were unwanted too. But since no event can pause the ticking of your life’s clock, you can’t bring back or stay stuck with your past and by force drag it to connect your present. This indicates the past relationships/marriages, past failures, past sufferings and others.


Things you can adopt to fix your toxic behaviour in a relationship:

  1. Practicing mindfulness, meditation and yoga.
  2. Seeking professional help such as online marriage counselling or online relationship counselling after realizing that your toxic behaviours are harmful enough to damage your own social connection and lead to distress.
  3. Working in the present and being aware of everything around you.
  4. Practicing hobbies which keeps you motivated and brings you joy.
  5. Paying attention to the changes that we need to bring about in our behaviour. You can ask your online marriage counsellor or online relationship counsellor to help you with this.


If you feel like you got to speak to a professional in connection to your mental health or relationship issues, book an appointment with any of online relationship counsellor today!