Know The Myths About Mental Counseling

Mental Counseling or Psychotherapy is very helpful in handling mental health problems. Science has revealed that counseling even works better in the long-run and is more lasting than medication. Unfortunately, counseling still continues to be veiled and stigmatized practice in India, with many myths and misconceptions connected to it. There’s most likely slight or no stigma attached to going to a doctor when you suffer from illness, but feel hesitant to get aid from a mental health counselor. In reality, a counselor eases your mind and emotions in the same way that a doctor treats your body.

Let’s bust some of these myths and misconceptions about counseling and reveal the hard facts out:

  1. Only ‘Crazy’ Folks Go For Counseling

The majority folks who go for counseling are common daily people, just similar to you and I, not aggressive, risky and “crazy”.

Mental Counseling aids you to manage daily tensions with strength, develop relationships, expand your viewpoint and offer you more clearness in thoughts.

  1. Counseling Is Only For Individuals With Mental Illness

The majority individuals look for aid so that they can deal with disorders, tension, relationships and pain. They desire to figure out who they actually are and how to live life to the fullest.

You can go for psychological counseling for your career, sexual wellness and personal-development too.  So, psychological counseling is not exclusive to people suffering from mental sickness.

  1. Individuals Who Go For Counseling Are Broken And Emotionally Damaged

A lot of things may not be completely fine in your life, but that doesn’t mean you’re broken or psychologically hurt. Remember that it’s not the end of the world and that you can seek aid for the same and cure.

Mental Counseling is a tool for individuals to discover themselves and learn to lead a healthier life.

  1. It’s Too Expensive

Counseling may often be costly but it’s a strong investment that you do for your physical and mental stability.

If you wish for reasonable mental counseling, you can always talk to our mental health doctors and seek help without spending much.

  1. Only ‘Weak’ Individuals Go For Counseling

If someone has hurt their hand, what would you do? Request them to visit a doctor, or ask them to “man up” and deal with it on their own? You would request them to visit a doctor, right?

So, isn’t it incorrect to tell people who are suffering mentally and psychologically to strengthen up, instead of recommending them to ask for help through mental counselling right?

Asking for aid is not a symbol of weakness. It infact means that you’re taking action for yourself. In fact, knowing when to head for aid is in fact a symbol of power and self-awareness. Successful celebrities like Deepika Padukone have taken help of mental counselling. So, there’s no need to run away from it.

  1. Individuals Get Counseled Only After Some Tragedy

Individuals can seek counseling for finding the way through life’s intersection, relationships, psychological illness and self-improvement.

Individuals get counseled to solve out their private problems in order to live a happier life. So, sad events need not act as reactant for you to go and search for professional mental counseling. You may be physically and emotionally fit and still search for counseling to maintain or improve it.

  1. It’s For Individuals Who Have No One To Talk To

Mental Counseling is different from discussing with your family and friends and taking recommendations from them.

Counselors are greatly skilled and fit experts. They have spent years learning and working how to identify and handle emotional and behavioral problems.

A friend or relative might not be able to understand and aid you out in specific issues that need expertise. It’s critical to go out to a psychologist or psychiatrist in such cases.