Online Counselling: The Future Of Therapy

“Online counseling”, once termed as alternative therapy, is now turning into a general practice preferred by both patients and mental health counselor in Mumbai. It has been admired for removing the gap that existed with conventional face-to-face therapy with the counselor on issues such as accessibility, affordability, convenience, and much more.
According to research, online mental counselling in Mumbai has found to be more powerful and fruitful for patients who were shy enough to visit the clinic at the first place.

  • A majority of online patients finished the course of depression therapy in Mumbai with best results
  • Virtual meeting with the psychologist made them feel mentally healthier and confident.
  • Down to paper trail: online patients looked over notes time and again.

Generally, psychological counselling in Mumbai comprise of sitting on a comfortable couch while speaking your heart out to the counselor. But in this digital age, online counselling is in the same way as useful – if not more so – than customary real meeting sessions

According to a new study by counsellors in Mumbai, treatment sessions completed online have turned out to be increasingly regular as of late. Many websites, like have made an arrangement of mental therapist who uses instantaneous messages, emails and even video calling to help their patients with their concerns.

To discover how practical this strategy was, analysts asked 6 counselors in Mumbai to treat 60 patients facing moderate depression. After being indiscriminately divided into 2 groups, one was dealt with online depression counseling -through email or instant messenger – while the other encouraged face-to-face depression treatment. Both groups were given 7 sessions including personal treatment methods.
While discussing the results, one of the mental health doctors in Mumbai said: ‘In both groups, the intensity of depression was reduced considerably.’
A majority of those who received online treatment were never again resolved to have depression related issues and appeared differently as similar to the patients who had vs. treatment. During follow-up sessions, it was revealed that the percentage of recovery among those who received depression therapy online was greater and at the same level with the patients who had face-to-face sessions.

Around the completion of the study, 57 % of patients who received online depression treatment were free of depression.
Researchers put the online success down, to some degree, to the paper trail it made. Patients could re-read the e-mail or notes with their mental therapist, keeping it crisp in their mind, and having no chance of forgetting the valuable advice given.

In the medium term, online mental counseling yields best results in favor of the patients. Our study is evidence that psychological counseling & treatment services on the internet are a successful supplement to therapeutic care.
Online counselling by an experienced psychologist in Mumbai may also be effectual in eliminating social stigma linked with receiving therapy. For those who are uncomfortable with getting depression counselling, this online medium allows admission to such services in confidentiality without having to visit the counsellor. Online Counselling can take on a whole different picture when executed by the patient in their own personal space through the computer. It might also help the patient feel less stigmatized without being judged by others in the waiting room, the administrative staff or any other individual who just happens to be walking past at the time the patient walks through the door.

However, if the patient is undergoing serious mental health issues, it is widely recommended to visit the psychiatrist in Mumbai for face-to-face sessions. This would help the patient receive quick prescribed treatment and recovery.