Protect Your Mental Health While Working From Home

The COVID-19 pandemic has sprouted up fresh and exceptional challenges for employees who are now home-bound and are asked to work remotely. Majority of workforces are functioning from home for the very first time, distant from the typical office setup and secluded from their teammates, friends and even families. This sudden change has led many isolated workers to experience anxiety, stress and mental exhaustion.

The work from home culture might have begun as a momentary arrangement for a number of employees, but since the pandemic has pulled on and continued longer than what most of us predicted, remote work might just soon be the “new normal”.

Hence, it is significant for working folks to not just learn how to remain free from stresses and anxieties but also formulate strategies on how to remain mentally fit while getting your job done.

Here are top 5 ideas to protect your mental health:

  1. Recognize the things that strain you out

Be it poor Wi-Fi connection or the continuous commotions at home that constantly displease and tense you out, you just ought to understand what exactly the concern is prior to you settling on the right solution. You can also take the help of online psychologist in India for proper guidance.

  1. Form a proper work schedule even while at home

One of the concerns with doing work from home is that it becomes challenging to draw lines between what is professional and what is personal and that the boundaries between the two can often be distorted. A proper work schedule will design structure for you and will also set up discipline between work and personal life at home. An online counselling too can help!

Give prime attention to your sleeping and resting breaks. Late bedtimes owing to prolonged working hours or private commitments at home can result to an irregular sleeping schedule and might bring about more stresses as time goes by.

  1. Keep an open line of communication

In this challenging phase, you ought to keep your physical detachment but still be socially attached. Warmly communicating with your work contemporaries, in spite of not communicating with them face-to-face will not just enhance your quality of work but would also aid you to uphold a positive relationship with the individuals you work with.

Moreover, be open to speaking about work with the significant individuals in your life – such as your partner, family, your loved ones, and even your friends. In case of any work stress, you can speak with an online psychologist. This will assist you in unburdening some of the pressure you might be experiencing and will make you feel less lonely.

  1. Spare some time off to do things you love 

Having your house as your office might drive you towards working all the time and keep completing the tasks in hand. But do remember to unwind and rejuvenate. Utilize some of your additional time to keep your mind fat from office work and indulge in things which you might enjoy. While the continuing quarantine may limit your choices, basic activities such as working out, preparing your own meals, gardening or even being on Netflix can aid to keep your mental health at its best.

  1. Hunt for professional help when required

On some occasions, work pressure can intensify into greater concerns such as job exhaustion and might give birth to other concerns such as anxiety, insomnia, depression, difficulty in anger management and other health problems. Know when to go for online counselling and bear in mind that when everything fails, online psychological counselling in India is available to you.

If you need an online counselling session or therapies for stress management, our credentialed Psychologists and Psychiatrists at Mumbai Psychiatry Clinics are available to see patients in both Offline and Online Consultation Service.