Anvita Janardanan

Most of us have felt anger at our boss, the fellow driver, the weather, traffic, or even at ourselves. Many have a hard time ‘controlling’ anger. Some have had outbursts, which later lead to feelings of guilt. Others fail to find a way to communicate how angry they feel and supress it. Whether or not it received adequate expression, anger is one emotion that every human being is fimilar with. Whether you’re feeling irritated, annoyed, furious or outraged at someone or something, at some point you must have wondered ” Why do we get angry?”

Anger, although unwelcome for many, is a normal and¬†USEFUL¬†emotion. It tells you, ‘Hey, you’re being wronged here!’.It helps you stand up yourself. The role of anger is to motivate you to find solutions when things do not go your way. It gives you the push to protect yourself and and your interests. If you or something precious to you is being attacked, anger helps you defend yourself

Despite the many uses we saw above, anger is far from appreciated. It is considered to be a ‘negative’ emotion. Children are taught to not get angry or at least not to show anger. Anger is said to breakdown relationships. Communication stops.Distances grow. We let anger take a hold of us rather than us taking a hold over anger. In reality, anger is not at fault we are. The fault lies in our way of expressing anger. We are often unable to find helpful ways to express anger. Our natural tendency is to express anger in an aggressive manner:


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