What To Do When The Person You’re Disappointed In Is “You”?

You’re nearly three months into the new year, yet lot of you’ll have by now disappointed yourselves. Perhaps you’ve dropped the ball on the New Year’s resolutions which you had placed just seven short weeks ago. You all expected that 2021 would be well, a new start after a challenging 2020, however so far, this year has endowed you an ample amount of new hard stuff to deal with. Maybe you are frustrated with how you haven’t changed much either in the last few months. So, now comes the question __ what to do when the person that you’re disappointed in is you?

Here are the 5 best & healthy alternatives you can apply to deal with self-disappointment:

  1. Pause

If you witness yourself slipping into a dissatisfied mindset, you ought to simply pause. Every so often, your own failures activate your fight, flight, or freeze response. Go out and take some deep breaths, allow yourself some space to reflect, and calm down. The best thing you can do is think about the circumstances in front of you sensibly and considerately so you can remain objective.

You can also go for online counselling in India so that you can vent out your concerns in a calm setting.

  1. Use It

If you are facing disappointment by your actions, use that disappointment as an impulse to find an answer or keep trying again. This is a chance for you to shift in the direction of self-compassion and self-love. You are a human who makes blunders, in same way as we all are. What really matters in this instant is how you elect to move forward. Utilize your disappointment as a catalytic agent to make right choices.

2A. Explore

In order to make positive changes, you got to spend some time in self-examination. Ask yourself questions regarding why and how you been the cause of self-disappointment. How did the situations have an impact on your choices? Do your goals or your implementation need to be re-examined with the help of online psychologist? Take this chance to know more about yourself, your inclinations, and who you wish to be.

2B. Plan

Once you know how you landed in this situation, you can make a plan to get back on right track and evade distress in the future. Your plan ought to be realistic to the anxieties of your life and encompass small, achievable steps for you to reach there. Think ahead of possible challenges that can ruin your goals and how you would confront them. Set yourself up for forthcoming achievement.

  1. Name Your Feelings

Your feelings do mean a lot and are valid. Being disappointed by your own self when things do not go well is normal. You really need to name your feelings, admit them, and then make constructive decisions about how to go forward. Always remember, denial is unhelpful. If you are in constant denial, then its advisable to visit mental therapist.

By recognizing and sensing your emotions associated with failure and discontent, you are arming yourself to shift forward with those feelings resolved, instead of just pushed into a corner of your heart and leave it unnoticed as long as possible.

  1. Practice Self-Compassion

Probabilities are, you will commit blunders, you may fail again in your endeavours, you will dishearten yourself since you are human. The best thing you can gift yourself in those instants is self-compassion. Self-compassion aids us in admitting our blunders as learning and growth prospects which help us in the future. Start increasing the habit of self-compassion now.

  1. Get Help

If you are battling to move past being dissatisfied in yourself or getting into self-destructive behavioural patterns, a mental therapist or a psychologist can be an excellent resource and support. Together, you can work on pulling apart those awkward thoughts and habits and accepting new, optimistic replacements.