When Should You See A Sex Therapist?

Putting to rest common fears about sex therapy and seeking professional help from a sex therapist.

Doubts about sex counseling: The sex therapist will suggest some awkward activities to spice up our sex life, you’ll have to reveal all your past sexual adventures to your spouse or you’ll be laughed at how little you know about sex. These doubts are just bland. In reality, sex counseling has some really amazing benefits.

The point is you aren’t alone; everyone has encountered sexual problems at some point. While the media paints sex as trouble-free and hot and like everybody except you is having loads of sex – the fact is –  having great sex takes patience. Young newlywed couples often have sexual adjustment problems. Couples with little children are often tired and have trouble keeping their physical relation as a priority which ultimately leads to fights and feelings of separation.

Older couples fight back with menopause, male pause and old relational bitterness that can lock up sex life completely. And everyone must deal with the struggle over proximity and space, in matrimony, where one person is pursuer and the other one is more of a distance that is the main difficulty in maintaining sexual longing.

But what all is there in a sex therapy?  And how can merely talking about it to a sex therapist help your sex life?  How bad must it get before you consult a sex expert?

1. Sex therapy helps couples discuss sex with one other.
A sex therapist feels at ease talking about sex. While nothing is off-limits or a serious taboo to converse about, most people have difficulty bringing up anything when the concern is regarding their sex life. Couples don’t have a lewd language to explain their wishes. Sex therapists well understand how nervous you might feel talking about this personal subject with each other and with a close stranger.They will help make you feel at ease and direct you into talking about sex.

2. Sex therapy gets to the source of the problem.
Couples often can’t resolve these personal issues on their own since dissatisfaction, hurt, anger, bitterness, accusations, embarrassment, and several rounds of fighting may have closed down the very conversation which is in fact most needed.  Research says that most individuals who would have easily sorted out their problems wait over 5-6 years before seeking help from a sex therapist in Mumbai! Anxiety is the main reason people don’t ask for assistance. Fear of confronting the predicament and discovering that they are really not well-matched is so dominant that they wait and delay, feeling more bad every day. In sex therapy, you will find a way to experience complete pleasure and joy.

3. What occurs in sex therapy?
When a couple visits the sex counselor’s office, the first thing he would do to know is – what is hurting the couple? The sex counselor will then take separate discussions with each partner for comfort.  You’ll be asked about your past sexual encounters as well as questions related to your childhood, your parent’s married life and what they spoke to you directly and indirectly about sex.  Then, we can see the road map for how to unravel the concerns and we set out on the mission. Ultimately, after both the partners feel deeply understood and supported, we have a joint discussion towards a solution.

4. What sorts of problems do sex therapists treat?
The top three major problems in the practice of sex therapist: Low sexual desire, Premature ejaculation, Erectile dysfunction, Inability to have sex and Frequency disagreements between both the partners.

So, if you encounter any of the above sexual concerns, you can contact us today and we will fix an appointment with an expert!