At Mumbai Psychiatrics Clinics, we offer Behavioural therapy in Mumbai that aims to help you to alter the way that you think, feel and act. It is used as a treatment for several mental & physical health issues.

What is Behavioural Problems?

There are various types of symptoms that stand for behaviour disorders. The most common problems are Confused thinking, Suicidal thoughts, Social Withdrawal Restlessness, Prolonged depression (sadness or irritability), Ex-cessive fears, worries and anxieties, Uncontrollable anger, Insomnia and ap-petite disorders, Non-implication of social rules and regulation, Use of mood altering substances and so on.

At Mumbai Psychiatrics Clinics, you can get an assurance of the right Behavioural therapy in Mumbai because we keep in mind that every individual’s rehabilitation and recovery program is distinctive.



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