With changed times, the institution of marriage has changed too. New types of jobs, work hours, rapid changes in lifestyles, stressful lives, changed financial scenarios have drastically changed the dynamics of couples who are married. Different upbringings , difference of opinions about roles of husband and wife in marriage can cause marital discord in many couples. At this point of time , Marriage counselling in Mumbai can provide help through proven techniques in marriage counselling. At Mumbai Psychiatrics Clinics, we have years of experience in Marriage counselling in Mumbai to help couples save their relationship & marriage, bringing back peace and mutual respect in their life. The way we approach is first to teach a way of communicating that allows couples to settle their own issues all through and after therapy. We also offer online marriage counseling. 
Further, we also endow family counselling in Mumbai that bring together members of a family to work through circumstances or crucial relationship issues. At our family counselling in Mumbai, we solve concerns that include alterations in family relationships, fight health issues, addiction or other stress issues. Our prime family counselling helps to resolve key issues such as Domestic Violence, Parent-child Relationship, Disobeying Partners, Temper Outbursts, Child Misconduct, Social Conduct Disorder Problems, Quality Time Issues and Handling Growing Teenagers. We offer face to face & online family counseling.


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