What is Depression?
Extreme emotions of sadness or downturns in mood are usual reactions to life’s tussles, set-backs, and dissatisfaction’s. Many people term the word “Depression” to enlighten these forms of emotions, although depression is much beyond sadness. But, some depressed people don’t experience sadness at all—they might infact feel lifeless, empty, lethargic, annoyed, aggressive, and ultimately restless. Whatever may be the symptoms, depression is unlike normal sadness in that it consumes your day-to-day life, interfering with your capacity to work, learn, eat, sleep, and enjoy. The emotional state of vulnerability, desperateness, and worthlessness are strong with little relief.Age of Onset – Depression in men and women are at its peak under age bracket of 17-50 years.
The source of depression helps to determine right online depression counselling. In most cases, the best online depression counselling would include a blend of social support, lifestyle modifications, emotional skills formation and expert help.

  • Make healthy lifestyle alterations
  • Nurture supportive relationships
  • Form emotional skills – It can endow you the capability to cope and recover from hardship, trauma, and damage. In other words, understanding how to identify and express your emotions can make you stronger.
  • Look for professional help – There are many best treatments for depression, comprising of therapy, medication, and other treatments. Besides, you can avail online depression counselling from Mumbai Psychiatric Clinics.
Note: Online Counselling does not offer any kind of treatment or medicine prescription


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