At Mumbai Psychiatrists Clinics, we offer a platform to talk over your thoughts and emotional state about any distress that you face in day-to-day life which you may wish to learn and understand better, in a specialized and trusted setting, with an experienced and competent Online Psychological Counselling.Owing to our best psychological expertise, we are also considered as one of the Online Psychological Counselling for all age groups. We offer online psychological counseling for personal development, education, career-oriented issues, marriage, relations, family problems, lifestyle adjustments; individual, improvement in social & interpersonal skills, assisting students with examination concern, learning skills to boost proficiency and various other spheres.

Our belief is that in order to bestow best online psychological counseling, it is significant to remove the root cause of all mental distress. Further, what makes your experience at Mumbai Psychiatrists Clinics different is that we keep confidentiality of our patients.

During online psychological counseling, the counselor will use their right body language, facial expressions, and position of body to show empathy, concern, or considerate behavior to their patient.
By placing an open ended question, the counselor is expecting to obtain a lot of comprehensive information for their client, as open ended questions cannot be responded with just one word. The counselor will then gain more clarification and plunge into some generalizations and specifics. These kinds of questions are valuable in the beginning of therapy for the counselor to attain as much information as they can immediately. Also, it permits the client to tell their story and background to the counselor to easily get to know and understand them well. An instance of an open ended question can be, “Say something about your family?”

Note: Online Counselling does not offer any kind of treatment or medicine prescription


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