Sexual disorder:
Sexual disorder includes difficulties in sexual functioning, arousal, orgasm, desire, performance, ability to seek pleasure and preference concerns. This can happen at any phase of a normal sexual activity. A sexual disorder can lead to distress in the life of the person suffering from it; a major impact can be seen in matrimonial relations, to one’s own self-worth and even other interpersonal relations. Majority of the sexual disorders are owing to performance anxiety, tension, guilt, stressful lifestyle, medications, addictions and even past experiences while others may have biological and other health reasons.Whatever might be the reason, it is important to receive the right Sex Counselling online for healthy sexual life.


  1. Lifestyle alterations such as withdrawing yourself from smoking, drug or alcohol abuse can assist in some types of erectile dysfunction.
  2. Seeking right treatment in the form of Sex Counselling online for any psychological difficulty that the person would be suffering such as depression, trauma and anxiety that may be negatively effecting sexual functioning.
  3. Treatment through best medication and psychotherapy for the sexual dysfunction by Sex Therapist.
Note: Online Counselling does not offer any kind of treatment or medicine prescription


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