Mumbai Psychiatry Clinics is a successful organization, firmly beached in the discipline of the human mind and behavior, with the sole idea to share both knowledge and psychological treatment in Mumbai is well as apply it in different spheres of life. We provide a range of holistic psychological treatment in Mumbai aimed at improving complete well-being, individual potential and quality of life in college/universities, organizations, corporate houses, hospitals, social communities, individuals, families and groups. We also offer online counselling.

Further, we acknowledge that life takes its twists & turns and there are times when long-lasting concerns, present circumstances or worries threaten to overwhelm us. Thus, our personalized sessions with qualified Psychologists in Mumbai will assist you in many ways. Our Psychologists in Mumbai are working with children, teenagers, adults, marital couples, the corporate community, sports professionals, actors & various personalities in entertainment industry as well as senior citizens to recognize and appreciate changes in lifestyle in the direction of refining mental health and wellness.

Therapy is the treatment of mental concerns by psychological methods. People can learn more adaptive ways of perceiving,
evaluating and behaving.

Psychotherapist attempts to –

  • Change maladaptive behaviour patterns
  • Eliminate environmental conditions
  • Improve the person’s interpersonal competencies
  • Resolve disabling conflicts among motives
  • Modify individual’s dysfunctional beliefs
  • Reduce distressing emotional reactions
  • Foster an overall sense of identity.



  • Psychodynamic Therapy – Focuses on individual’s personality dynamics. It involves :-
    • Classical Psychoanalysis – an intensive long-term procedure for uncovering repressed memories,
      thoughts and
      conflicts stemming from problems in early psychosexual development and helping individuals come to terms with them
      in light of the realities of adult life.
    • Free Association – a more direct method of gaining access to a person’s hidden thoughts and
    • Dream Analysis.
  • Behaviour Therapy – Here the maladaptive behaviours are modified and the adaptive behaviours are
    achieved. Careful assessment of frequency, quality and range of social interactions is done in the client’s life. Helping
    the client to change the environment, teaching social skills and encouraging to seek activities helps in proper restoration
    of mind balance.
  • Cognitive Therapy – Short-term, structured approach that focuses on the client’s negative thoughts and
    ways to improve the client’s daily life. It includes :-

    • Didactic work –It explains how concerns result from faulty thinking.
    • Cognitive restructuring-It identifies the negative thought, recognizes the connection between
      thoughts, emotions and behaviour, evaluates the reasonableness of the automatic thoughts, substitutes more reasonable
      thoughts and identifying these reasonable thoughts.
    • Pleasure prediction experiments
    • Weekly activity schedule
    • Graded task assignment
  • Interpersonal Therapy – It focuses on here and now and assists in working on building up
    interpersonal relations and function productively under environmental contexts.
  • Somatic experiencing – Itfocuses on traumas that the person has repressed and helps them uncover and
    move past these toward growth and mindfulness. It helps to become aware of inner strengths and develop strong connection
    between mind and body.
  • Dialectical Behaviour Therapy –It emphasizes on Core mindfulness
    (accept and tolerate the powerful emotions), Distress tolerance (learning to bear pain skillfully and calmly recognize
    negative emotions and decide whether and how to take action), Emotion regulation, Interpersonal effectiveness
    asking for what one needs, saying no wherever needed and coping with interpersonal conflict).
  • Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy –It changes a client’s maladaptive thought processes. It restructures a person’s belief system and self-evaluation with respect to the irrational should, ought and must. It teaches the client to
    identify and dispute the beliefs that were producing the negative emotional consequences. It increases self-worth,
    clears the way for self-actualization.
  • Client-centered / Insight Therapy – It is the natural power of the organism to heal. It helps resolve
    incongruence (between self and reality, between real-self and ideal-self).
  • Existential Therapy – It is to see people as capable of doing something about their predicament
    and being responsible for doing the best they can and being aware of one’s own existence.
  • Gestalt Therapy – It teaches clients to recognize the bodily emotions they had been blocking
    from awareness and increases self-awareness and self-acceptance.


We at Mumbai Psychiatry Clinics have a dedicated team of counsellors and clinical psychologists who will help you with your problems, cite interventions and assess the progress on regular intervals. There are experienced psychiatrists who will be guiding you throughout your journey and our Multidisciplinary team will try to assure you with the best help possible.


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