Specific Learning Disabilities like dyslexia , dysgraphia , dyscalculia can cause significant difficulties in reading,writing or in mathematical ability. Learning Disabilities can cause failure in appropriate level of educational attainment and can cause subsequent dropouts. Specific Learning Disorders are different from Intellectual Disabilities where cognitive capacity is reduced. Remedial Education stops vulnerable kids & teenagers to drop out from the conventional education. At Mumbai Psychiatrics Clinics, we have best remedial educator in Mumbai that provide an instructional program designed for students in grades 5th- 12th who have recognized deficiencies in reading, writing and maths.
As one of the leading remedial educators in Mumbai, Mumbai Psychiatrics Clinics offers education to students with learning disabilities across all ages. Our aim is to empower special children with knowledge, abilities and attitudes that allow them to face personal and professional challenges with self-confidence.
Further, our remedial educator in Mumbai work for students who are falling behind in core academic areas.


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