What is slow learning?

A “slow learner” is not a diagnostic category, it is a term people use to describe a student who has the ability to learn necessary academic skills, but at rate and depth below average same age peers.

What is the difference between slow learners and learning disability?
An individual with learning disability has average or above average scores on a standard I.Q. test. An individual who has difficulties in the various areas of academics like reading, writing, comprehension and mathematics and scores below average on a standard I.Q. test is termed as a slow learner. The difficulties faced by a child with learning difficulty is very specific to the areas of academics and is not due to below average intelligence but the difficulties a slow learning child faces can be attributed to the below average intelligence and not to specific problems in the areas of academics or learning.

Children with learning difficulty are assigned certain facilities by the government that assists them in their academic work and exams. Unfortunately we do not have facilities or benefits yet for children with slow learning difficulties.

What can be the treatment for slow learners?

  • Remedial education/special education can help slow learners as much as it helps children with learning difficulty but we might find in certain cases the improvement a little slower in children with slow learning than in children with learning difficulty because of the below average intelligence.
  • More academic and social stimulation can help them better understand academic as well as social aspects of their lives
  • Counselling for the child is highly recommended as it helps in adequately coping with the daily demands of life and in developing socially appropriate behaviours.
  • Counselling for the parent is also recommended as it helps the parent in understanding the child better and helping the child in various activities on a daily basis.
  • An I.Q. assessment along with academic assessment is recommended every 2 years to understand and monitor improvement systematically
  • NIOS (National Indian Open Schooling) is recommended to children with slow learning as it becomes difficult for them to cope up with state or international board academic demands.
  • It is suggested to understand the talents of the child, every child including a child with slow learning will have a talent. Rather than focusing on the shortcomings and worrying about academics we can understand and unleash the child’s talent. It helps in increasing confidence and motivates the child to look forward for a positive future.

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